Fresh Fish (Never Frozen)
Scored Buffalo Side ...     $3.25/lb
Buffalo Ribs ...     $5.50/lb
Buffalo Steaks ...     $2.00/lb
Catfish Fillets ...     $4.75/lb
Frog Legs ...     $6.00/lb
Farm-Raised Catfish (Vietnam) ...     $4.75/lb
Farm-Raised Catfish (State of Mississippi) ...     $6.20/lb
Tilapia ...     $4.00/lb
Shrimp (Cooked, Peeled, Deveined) ...     $22.00/(2 lb bag)
Shrimp (Raw) ...     $16.00/(2 lb bag)
Pollock ...     $2.60/lb

Catfish Fillets

Beasley Fish Raw Catfish Fillets Grafton IL 62037

Buffalo Fish Steaks

Beasley Fish Buffalo Fish Steaks Grafton IL 62037

Buffalo Fish Ribs

Beasley Fish Raw Buffalo Fish Ribs Grafton IL 62037

Scored Buffalo Side

Beasley Fish Raw Buffalo Fish Grafton IL 62037

Please Note: Call ahead to verify availability of the type of fish you are looking for. When picking up fresh fish to take home, please remember to bring a cooler.
We are a cash-only business. There are several ATM's in town for your convenience. All prices are subject to change. Visit our location for up-to-date prices.
Food Allergy Notice To Consumer: Please communicate any food allergy to an employee of this establishment, and that employee shall communicate that food allergy information to the person in charge or certified food protection manager on duty at this establishment.